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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

News that is New

Well all, I apologize for lagging on my blog. Its truly been a busy, wonderful and terrible month. For the wonderful element, my book 'An Uncommon Whore' won the Passionate Plume award in the science fiction category! I'm so pleased, not only because this is truly a book of my heart, but also because this is a m/m romance. I was simply flabbergasted when I got the news!

For the terrible parts of the month, it certainly could be worse, I suppose. My mother had her second knee replacement surgery and came through it brilliantly. However, she forgot to use a topical anti-inflammatory on the wound, and believe it or not, this proved to be a blessing. I went to the Lori Foster gathering and the first night I was back at home, she remembered the medication. Within minutes of using it, she complained that it was burning her skin. Shortly after, she broke out in hives. That week saw two visits to the ER and two visits to doctors before we managed to get a handle on it. She hallucinated and was frighteningly ill for a week. It took almost 3 weeks of prednizone therapy before she recovered.

Next up was me. Without going into great detail...I slipped on a banana peel. Yes, a banana peel. I went flying across the kitchen with a plate of barbecued chicken in one hand. Somehow I hyper-extended my knee so badly it appears that I've broken my patella. hurts. LOL! But my pride hurt worse, I landed flat on my back, with chicken and bbq sauce dripping off me from head to toe. Adding yet another insult to the injury, my hair got tangled in the dog's water bucket and while I was trapped, Poppy and River busily licked sauce off me. Oh joy...where's Lassie when you need him? (yeah, Lassie was a he.)

Thankfully, life went on, I finished a couple manuscripts and started edits. And...I have release dates: Final Cut: Miami - Voodoo You Love? will release at Changeling Press on July 29. Its a paranormal m/f featuring my Siberian Shifters who are kicking up mayhem in Miami.

An Uncommon Whore 2: When I Fall is scheduled for October 11 at Loose Id. (I'm told this date is subject to change) This continues the saga of Helios and Griffin, who must gain acceptance into the Interstellar Planetary Coalition (the Belle Starr universe) in order to protect Neo Domus from the Landaun and other invaders. Their love is tested by the demands on Helios, who is now king, and also by the ghosts of their past.

There are a few other projects on the way, I'll share more about those as contracts are inked. :) Just a hint, I'm coming back to Earth...specifically to my stomping grounds here in Northern California. I guess I can handle writing contemporary if there are cowboys involved...

For now, that's pretty much it. I do want to remind you about my newsletter, it comes out bi-monthly (sometimes monthly, if I've been busy) and this is where you get the inside scoop on what's coming up, some of my poorly informed opinions on romance, Siberian Husky exploits (the real ones) and insider contests. If you'd like to subscribe, the form is on my homepage:

And finally, if you're up for some free m/m reads, head on over to the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads. The Hot July free reads event is going on. Its nothing short of amazing. My contribution is called :Free to Fly and is a BDSM short. It hasn't been posted yet, but I'll give a shout when it is.

Happy Tails!


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