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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Did She Come Up With That? Kate Pearce

I’ve always been a big Star Trek and Star Wars fan and spent many hours as a kid hiding behind the sofa watching Dr. Who, so it seemed natural to think about writing an erotic Science Fiction romance at some point. I also knew that it wasn’t a wildly popular sub-genre, so I kept most of the ideas humming around on the back boiler of my imagination for years.
Then self-publishing emerged as an option, and I thought it would be a great to finally get some of those characters out of my head and down onto the page. Ash, Esca and Soreya from The Power of Three, were all pretty much formed in my imagination, so it wasn’t too hard to write about them, although like any story, the way you see it in your head is never quite how it turns out. J
I didn’t want to go overboard with the world building either as for me; these books are more fun reads with way less dark and angsty characters than in my historicals. Sometimes it’s nice to avoid the torment and simply write a good, but complicated m/m/f love story. That sexual combination is my favorite and throwing in the Telepathic Fated Mate angle just makes me a happy writer.
The next book in the Triad series has also been in my head for years, so I’m looking forward to writing that one next year, too. I need space for some new stuff!
Kate Pearce

Kate Pearce was born into a large family of girls in England, and spent much of her childhood living very happily in a dream world. Despite being told that she really needed to ‘get with the program’, she graduated from the University College of Wales with an honors degree in history.
After graduation, real life did intervene and she ended up working in finance which was not the greatest career choice for a would-be writer!
A move to the USA finally allowed her to fulfill her dreams and sit down and write that novel. Along with being a voracious reader, Kate loves trail riding with her family, ‘western style’ in the regional parks of Northern California
Kate writes in several different romance sub-genres under different names. She is a member of RWA and is published by Kensington Aphrodisia, Ellora’s Cave and Virgin Black Lace/Cheek.

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Blog Feature! How Did They Come Up With That?

This Wednesday, I'm starting a new blog feature called "How Did They Come Up With That?" Its the story behind the story of how an author comes up with the idea for a book, series, character or what have you. My inaugural post is by erotic romance author Kate Pearce! (cue Belinda's fangirl squee!) She's going to talk about her upcoming Science Fiction romance series!

Be sure to come by on Wednesdays to take a sneak peek into the creative process of some of your (and my) favorite authors!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweeter Than Wine: A Kiss From The Bacchi

Today we're celebrating the 100th Sunday Snog with...well...100 kisses! Please take a moment to visit Victoria Blisse's giving page to make a small donation to Doctor's Without Borders. You can find the details by clicking on the banner:

And now here's a special kiss from The Bacchi! Leave a comment to win an e-copy of The Bacchi, or your choice of book from my backlist if you already have it. :)

Afton found himself on his feet, then gently escorted to the door. Inside his gut writhed with guilt; clearly he’d hurt the Somian deeply. That had been an arrogant, cruel question. He’d spied on Lefi and then used that stolen knowledge, causing pain. And now his damn pride was too rigid to apologize.
He reached down blindly to open the door. Before he could set foot outside, the door suddenly slammed closed in his face.
He turned to find himself pressed back against the wooden panel, trapped by two strong arms and a powerful body. Lefi was smiling; his purple eyes glowed with wicked intent. Behind the lust a spark of anger darkened his gaze.
This close, Afton could see the green shimmer on the Somian’s eyelids, the delicate pattern on the skin over his cheekbones.
“I asked if you wanted me to kiss you. You never answered. I take that as a yes.”
Afton opened his mouth to speak, to refuse, but Lefi was already there. His lips were sweet with oolong, and his kiss was firm and skilled. He leaned in, his weight supported only by his hands on either side of Afton’s head. The full length of his body hovered just inches from Afton’s.
Only their lips touched.
Lefi’s kiss whispered, featherlight, leaving a trail of fire along Afton’s mouth. The Somian drew back just a little, looked deeply into Afton’s eyes, then bent once again and pressed with more insistence. Desperate to breathe, Afton inhaled, and the Somian’s tongue slipped in to gently stroke his. He felt the tingle of the sweet wine Lefi had sipped at the restaurant; he tasted the heat of his lust. Afton struggled to rebuild his mental defenses, but Lefi slammed through and swamped Afton’s cool, logical mind with his need, his loneliness, and his desire.
Lefi slanted his head, taking the kiss deeper. As though in a dream, Afton felt his own lips respond. He caught Lefi’s tongue with his teeth and then drew it deeper. He sucked hard, and the taste of sweet nectar flooded his mouth, overwhelming his senses. He swallowed it down, feeling the pheromone heat his mouth and then his entire body. This was the very essence of Lefi, the dangerous honey of an aroused Somian.
The Bacchi shook and groaned, and Afton wondered if the nectar was a result of the wine or if it was simply part of Somian physiology. Afton’s senses grew sharp and heightened. He could hear the beat of Lefi’s heart and knew the other man was fiercely aroused. He felt a perverse sense of pride in knowing he’d sent the whore this far out of control. Every aspect of this encounter was dangerous.
With a suddenness that left him shattered, Afton felt the grip of climax run through his body. His back went tight; his body clenched and heated. He broke away from the other man’s mouth, gasping. He dug his fingers into the flesh of the Somian’s broad shoulders.
He came, but he didn’t ejaculate.
The orgasm rocked his entire world. He was stunned and breathless, and could only thank the heavens Lefi appeared to not have noticed. Afton’s cock was still hard and rigid, pressing toward the other man’s groin. Instead of easing his need, the deep orgasm only fueled his lust.
“Stay,” Lefi whispered, nuzzling the ebony hair that swept along Afton’s cheek. They stood still, touching only where the Somian’s lips trailed along his jaw. Helplessly Afton laid his head against the door, powerless against the mesmerizing song of Lefi’s words. He moaned when the other man clasped the sensitive lobe of his ear and worried the golden hoop he wore. It was the only vanity he allowed himself, and Lefi had found that weakness and toyed with it mercilessly. Afton tried to speak, tried to refuse, but words would not form.
“Stay with me.” The Somian spoke against Afton’s throat; the words shuddered through his skin, right to his very core. Once again, he felt the newly awakened muscles of his female parts; he felt the warmth of moisture gathering where it shouldn’t. Lefi ran his strong hands up his arms, then lifted them to the top of the door. Afton’s fingers encountered a bar; automatically he clasped it and clutched hard.
Lefi ran his long, graceful hands down Afton’s face, down to his shoulders, his chest. He slowly unbuttoned the fitted black tunic, then opened it wide. Under his uniform Afton wore a sleeveless white shirt; the Bacchi unbuttoned that as well and bared Afton’s skin to the air.
“The Valoran body is so beautiful, be it male or female or gen.” He bent to Afton’s chest and trailed his warm tongue along the skin there. “Some are the color of tea with milk, yet you are as pale as a moon. Your skin is fine and soft, and your nipples are the same color as your lips. Now they are ruddy with need.”
The Somian cleverly swirled his tongue around Afton’s nipples, making them hard and erect. He felt the skin tighten over his undeveloped breasts as they began to ache with arousal.
“Did you come when I kissed you?”
Afton shook his head.
“No? Pity. But I think you lie. The amount of nectar you pulled from me should have brought you.” He stroked Afton’s body, then clasped and held his rigid cock. Afton flexed into his hand. “No, not here. You didn’t spill.”
Lefi continued, moving his hand back to fondle his testicles, and then he finally cupped that hidden region behind. Afton bit back a frightened, aroused moan at the sensation.
“You are so wet that you’ve dampened your trousers.” He straightened and grinned. “Your secret is safe with me, my little gen.”
His whispered words broke the spell.
“I’m not a gen.”
It took every ounce of strength he had, but Afton pried his fingers loose and dropped his arms. Quickly he began to button his undershirt, his hands trembling. He didn’t look up again; if he did, he would be lost.
“I’ve never heard of a bisexual Valoran. They identify as male, female, or gender neutral.”
“I am male. I prefer women.”
“Then you must be making an exception for me. I am honored.” Lefi dropped a quick kiss on Afton’s mouth, then backed away, giving the Valoran space. Afton refused to look up…refused to meet his gaze. Instead he found himself staring at the front of Lefi’s revealing pants. The Bacchi was huge and hard; precum had seeped through the thin fabric. To Afton’s shock, it shimmered. The fluid had an opalescence similar to the coloring on his cheeks and lips. He glared at the Bacchi.
“Dammit, Lefi, do you ever not have an erection?”

Saturday, September 21, 2013

100 Kisses!

Tomorrow (Sunday, September 22) I'm participating in the 100 Snog celebration! Dozens and dozens of authors around the world will be sharing special kisses between their characters. The celebration is in honor of Victoria Blisse's 100 Blog Anniversary and she's doing this as a fundraiser for Doctor's Without Borders, and before the event has even kicked off, she's already raised well beyond her goal! If you would, take a moment to visit her Giving Page and leave a small donation...because everyone needs love!

Don't forget to come by my blog on Sunday to share a very special kiss...

Happy Tails!