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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Excerpt: Last Call Europe: Devil's Advocate

Here's a sexy, adult excerpt from Devil's Advocate!


Tiger shifters Mya and David have a problem. Every time Mya gets aroused, it wakens a beast within her that threatens to overpower her tiger. Unable to consummate their marriage with a proper mating, they turn in desperation to the Last Call, looking for a demon to undo the curse that afflicts her.

Jedidiah Wormwood Worth is a powerful demon and at the top of his field. He's not only a devious trickster who will rob you of your soul, he's also a successful attorney for the underworld -- the real underworld. When he sees the straitlaced shifters at the Specialty Bar, he knows that they'll be his. What he doesn't realize is that by the time the night ends, his heart will belong to them.

Devil's Advocate: Sex for a service, damnation not included.


“What is it?”

David was curled protectively around his wife; both were naked and lovely in the soft light of the room. Jedidiah settled into a wing chair and stretched his legs.

“Your lovely little wife harbors a hellhound.”

“What?” David sat up; his face looked pale in the golden light of the room. She slept on, deeply and soundly.

“A hellhound. You know, all muscles and teeth and an insane drive to maim and kill. Thankfully, I’m not unfamiliar with the species.”

Under his deeply tanned skin, David went pale. He held her tightly to his body.

“In all truth, it’s a miracle that nothing tragic has occurred this past year. Given the rather savage nature of tiger shifters, combined with the combustive fury of a hellhound, the two of you have been fortunate.”

“How did you control it?”

Jedidiah dropped his chin to his chest, eyeing the couple with a good deal of residual lust. He hadn’t climaxed during their little exploration; indeed, it would have been unwise to have allowed himself that little loss of control. But still… he flexed the muscles of his groin, enjoying the heated power of his erection.

“I’m a demon. We are the natural masters of the hounds. The beast recognized my dominance.”

“Then perhaps we shouldn’t go any further… it might not be safe.”

“Cheap attempt to avoid paying?” He lifted a brow in question.

“No… no, we’d release you from your end of the agreement.”

“Too late for that, David. Besides, how will you feel if one day the two of you succumb to your not inconsiderable libidos, and your wife forces you to kill her?”

“That wouldn’t happen!” David’s voice held a distinct, angry hiss. He pushed himself upright, his back against the massive headboard of the bed.

“That will happen. I agreed to help, you agreed to share…” He tapped a finger against his lips. “And don’t deny how this situation heats the blood in your veins. Don’t pretend you haven’t wondered how I’d taste in your mouth.” Jedidiah sat up and leaned forward. “I know damn well you’ve been imagining pushing into her body, your cock separated from mine by just the tiniest margin of flesh.”


He chuckled. “Most likely I am. But only if you accept that the Father of All Things committed such gross infidelity.”

David looked away, but Jedidiah didn’t miss the gleam of laughter in his eyes. It seemed the young tiger didn’t hold a grudge. It was a nice change. Jedidiah spent the majority of his life guarding his back from dagger blows and artfully tossed spells. Demonkind had been known to carry out feuds for centuries. It was rather lovely to relax without the fear of having his throat slit.

“You didn’t climax.”

“No, David, I didn’t. It seemed best that the moment belong to the two of you.”

“Thank you. That was kind.”

The words rested heavy in the air between them.

“Shall I…” David flushed and cleared his throat. “I can bring you. I’m not unwilling.”

Jedidiah smiled at the surge of arousal that hardened his cock even more. His hand dropped to his shaft, stroking the length. “I’ve been riding the edge for a while now. I can wait a bit longer.”

The tiger ignored him. David nimbly crossed over his wife’s still form on the bed and glided across the room, a vision of wild beauty. Without breaking eye contact, he dropped to his knees and rested his hands on the inside of Jedidiah’s thighs, spreading them slightly.

“If the rest of the night continues as it started, you and I will need our control. You can’t do that if you’re edging.”

“You’d be surprised what I can do, David.” Involuntarily, he reached out, stroking the shifter’s silky hair with the tips of his fingers. “I once encountered a tiger in the wild. It was black with yellow stripes. I’d never seen anything like it before.”

“That color has been long extinct.” David reached up and unbuckled the narrow leather belt that encircled Jedidiah’s waist. Next came the button and zipper. “My color is quite rare as well.”

“Blue?” He jerked involuntarily as David’s warm hand encircled his cock.

“Black. Pure, unrelieved black. My stripes look purple in the sun.” He stroked gently, studying Jedidiah’s long, thick cock.

“Were you expecting something exotic? Horns, hooves and a tail perhaps? I can arrange that.”

“You just look… normal. Big, but pretty normal.” His hand stroked the length of the demon’s shaft. “Here, let’s get these trousers off.”

Jedidiah lifted his hips and allowed the tiger to take charge.

“Before the night is over, I’d like to see your animals. Black and golden. I’m amazed to have fallen into such exquisite company.” He sighed once the clothing was away from his skin. David knelt back a bit, surveying his body.

“You’re quite lovely to look at. I’m still surprised.”

“I do have horns. Would you like to see them?” He allowed the small, hooked bones to emerge from his forehead. They were barely noticeable behind the curls that flopped over his eyebrows. “That’s about the extent of my evil appearance.”

His hips bucked slightly as David’s warm mouth covered his cockhead, his tongue lightly playing over the exquisitely sensitive glans. The tiger let him loose, gazing up at him from the floor.

“I’ve always thought that demons were rather horrific.”

Jedidiah laid his head against the velvet back of the chair. “That’s a defense mechanism. You’ll find that the more powerful demons are quite ordinary in appearance. We don’t need… oh, fuck, that’s good… tricks to frighten people.”

A warm hand cupped his balls, rolling and massaging them gently. He draped a hand over his chest, rubbing his nipples. “Like the vampire, we work with charm and charisma…”

With a grunt, he shuddered at the sensation of his cock hitting the back of David’s throat. He palmed the tiger’s head gently, running his fingers through his hair. David stopped for a moment, wetting a finger. When his mouth dropped to Jedidiah’s balls, his finger pressed for entry into the demon’s ass.

“Oh… yes…” Jedidiah wondered if steam was rising from his skin… he was that hot. The tiger was certainly not a stranger to men. His finger found the gland and gently massaged it. When a curved claw emerged from that buried finger, Jedidiah nearly went off.

“You like that touch of pain?” David rested his chin on Jedidiah’s thigh, and he looked up at him, a slightly wicked smile on his face.

“Danger…” he choked out. “I’m a bit of a fear junkie. I trust you, but after all, you are a wild animal by nature.” He panted, his chest rising and falling like that of a winded racehorse.

The claw retracted, and Jedidiah moaned.

“Leave your finger there. Make me come…”

David looked up and their gazes locked. Slowly, he returned to the demon’s swollen shaft. Deliberately, he licked the pre-come that was glistening on his glans. He took long, wet licks up the length of Jedidiah’s shaft, pumping with his hand at the base.

Jedidiah began to thrust against the warm, strong hand and mouth, gripping his ass on the finger that was in such a delicious position. His balls grew tight, his entire body flexed and he gasped. His seed jetted from his body, into David’s mouth, over his chin and lips. Each spasm was delicious torture, especially with the firm pressure on his prostate.

When he had nothing left to ejaculate, he shivered through several dry spasms. Down there, David was busy licking and nuzzling his softening cock, catching every drop of semen that had escaped him. The sensation nearly made him hard again.

“Lovely. That was lovely, David. Thank you.” He stroked the tiger’s hair, ran a finger down the strong angles of his face. “And thank you, Mya, for watching with such fervor.”

David whirled, mortified embarrassment on his face. “Mya!” He turned back to Jedidiah, anger in his face. “How long did you know she was watching?”

“Right from the start, kitten.” He smiled and glanced over at the woman on the bed. “And if I’m not mistaken, we’re about ready to start our little party once again.”

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Mmmm... yum, this was nice. :::off to add this to my list:::