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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bryl Tyne: Have you Hugged Your Witch Today?

Have you hugged your witch today? By Bryl R. Tyne

What is the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the word pagan? The answer depends on what personal beliefs you hold. Some might immediately conjure images of hoods and cloaks circling a bonfire, incantations, spells, or evil under a moonlit darkness. But what exactly does it mean to be a pagan? Are pagans soothsayers, psychics, witches?

I personally am a spiritualist, guess that makes me a pagan. To sum up the brief under Paganism in a plethora of references sought, paganism quite simply is any nature-based religion. Any religion that does not acknowledge God as the God. But I wasn't satisfied with that simple definition. I wanted more, something here and now, something real that I could embrace.

Oh, and I found it. Just not exactly where I expected. One of those instances that I wondered if I shouldn't have been more careful with what I wished for type of deals, when I met the Wicca card-carrying, Author MS Panthera.

MS contacted me with this marvelous idea for a book she wanted me to co-author. Elaborating that she was on her back porch one morning and watched as two trees formed this vision of two people holding hands...I thanked her and told her—I'd be in touch. After reading the first few chapters, I was intrigued though. And her story, Shadow, ate at me until I contacted her and arranged a meeting to work out the details. Of course, as my luck runs, the details would have to wait. Our "meeting" went something like this...

Bryl: So, you practice Wicca, huh. You're pagan?
MS: Yes.
Bryl: Aren't there negative connotations associated with that term?
MS: To many, yes. But they consider me pagan, because I am not Christian.
Bryl: That's it? Because you don't believe like they do, you're pagan?
MS: The few I know think I am evil.
Bryl: Why? Do you bite off chicken heads under a waning moon? Hex those who look at you cock-eyed?
MS: No! No self-respecting Wiccan would. No, it is because they do not think we believe in a higher power, and since I do not call my higher power, God—I am considered evil.
Bryl: No self-respecting Wiccan...Is that an opinion?
MS: It is just the way it is. We believe whatever we do will come back to us. The only difference among us is in how much our return investment will be. Some believe 2x, 3x, some 10x.
Bryl: You say you have a higher power, but you don't believe it is the same God as Christians profess their faith?
MS: Right, for no matter how we got here, I believe there had to be a hand guiding it. I choose to call mine the powers that be.
Bryl: Whoa! PTB? As in Ann McCaffery, the author of the Dragon of Pern series, PTB?
MS: Mm-hmm.
Bryl: Wow. Sorry about that. Here, let me help...
MS: I am fine, dear.
Bryl: *whew* Okay. Are there any universal beliefs that you think all religions embrace?
MS: Oh yes, to treat others as you wish to be treated. Most know it as the Golden Rule, but there are other terms that mean the same thing. I also believe there is a power greater than us, and no matter what one chooses to call it, it is one in the same.
Bryl: There must be other religions, besides Christianity, that look unfavorably at paganism.
MS: I am sure there is. The funny thing is, most religions actually honor one pagan holiday or another.
Bryl: Takes all kinds, I guess. So MS, getting back to the reason for this meeting. Like your protag in Shadow, do you call yourself a witch? And out of curiosity, what is the most evil thing you've ever done to a living being?
MS: "...."
Bryl: What? What's that look for?
MS: I was just showing you the worst I have ever done to any—
Bryl: Come here. Come on... {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} ...You know, I was just messin' with you. Right? MS? M?
Have you hugged your witch today?


Anonymous said...

Very true, and an interesting post, I wish you well

Bo said...

Great job in getting MS Panthera to answer you. She is a tough egg to crack from what I hear. LOL

What she says is true and I for one just wonder why we can't all agree on this issue and get past it.

Ah well, maybe one day. Not in my lifetime I am sure but maybe...


chris said...

Sounds like a very interesting lady. Would love to spend some time talking to her myself.

Good luck with the book.


Savanna Kougar said...

Definitely, good luck with your book. Now, that's a witch I'd like to hug.

MS said...

Thank you all for the comments to the interview. Bryl Tyne is an interesting person and made it easy to respond. Ah Bryl... if only... nah!

It is my pleasure to be co-authoring Shadow with Bryl as I believe he will bring so much more to the story.

Kudos my friend.

MS Panthera

Bryl R. Tyne said...

Thank you all for stopping by -- Elliott, Chris, Savanna, Bo -- I appreciate your comments.

And MS, for your persistence and your time. You are a lovely, lovely person.

Until next time ;)


Caffey said...

Great reading there! Hugs!

Lena Austin said...

Nice job MS Panthera. Paganism can be very difficult to explain.

Bright Blessings!

MS said...

Thank you Lena.

Yes, it can be very difficult to explain but I try my best to raise the understanding of it. I have even joined a new blog group called The Pagan and The Pen. All of us are pagans and have something to do with writing be it as an author or an editor or a reviewer.

MS Panthera