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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chaeya Robles: Shhhh....

I grew up watching ghost stories like a lot of people, and they frightened me. When people would start telling of their experiences with ghosts, I would usually leave the room because the idea of seeing or feeling a spirit was too much for me. Over the years, I have been poked in the back, I have had lights cut on around me. Then I’ve had my hair stroked and still do. Usually, I would find some way to explain it away, but my experience back in 1992 was something I could not ignore.

I was living in Zurich, Switzerland. My husband was a painter and we sold photos of his paintings as cards. Soon, I got my own business selling Wiccan supplies I imported from America. I sold velvet bags, silver amulets, incense, ritual oils, and ceramic wizards and dragons.

One of the items I sold was a black mirror, made only during the full moon. The night before my debut market, I set up my stand inside our apartment to arrange everything on my table. I used the black mirror as my centerpiece and it was beautiful. It was by then very late, so I left everything set up and went to bed. What I didn’t understand about the black mirror at the time was it needed to be kept wrapped up in its pouch. But who reads instructions? Uh, I don’t. I do now, but back then, I didn’t. Okay, sometimes I still don’t. But don’t tell anyone. Shhhhhh.

We lived in an old apartment complete with old hardwood floors. So there’s no way you can sneak in there without being heard. Around 3 a.m. I woke up to footsteps coming from the room where my market stand was set up. I thought it was a dream at first, but then my husband woke up and asked me if I heard footsteps. Yeah, I heard. We both sat up in bed and sure enough, there were footsteps walking through the bedroom. It continued on through the middle room and into my husband’s atelier, where he painted. Papers rustled and then it stopped.

My husband sat up. “You’ve been playing around with that witchcraft *#$@ again and I’m gonna take it all and throw it out in the street!”

Like most men who suffer something disturbing, he put it out of his mind and went back to sleep. I, on the other hand, lay awake all night shivering under my covers. And that’s the way I was for about three months.

During this time strange things happened in my house. I would walk into a room and find cupboards open, one time a bunch of my kitchen utensils fell down onto my stove, still heard footsteps and the scariest of all, while my friend was visiting, my front door opened with the deadbolt still on it. The doorknob on our front door was broken and the only way you can get the door to stay closed was to lock it using the deadbolt.

Other than this, I did get my business going and it was a hit. One day, I met three gentlemen who were practicing shaman. One of them was a Yaqui Indian from Mexico who followed the teachings of Carlos Castaneda. I know some people dispute Castaneda’s teachings as all fiction, but after having read Castaneda’s books and from the many spiritual experiences I had, this guy was on the level as were his two friends, a Swiss gentlemen and a Dutch man who read my palm. So far, most of what he told me has come true. They had just returned from India, having performed a puja ceremony. We developed a friendship and I confided in them about my spirit. They came to my house and did a “cleansing and a blessing” on my spirit friend. They told me he wasn’t a bad spirit, but he had suffered some “emotional” issues which were keeping him mired to this plane. After the ritual, my spirit was fairly quiet.

Shortly after, my ex and I had a fight and he left to go to his martial arts class. I lay there on the bed crying. I “felt” the ghost enter the room, by that time I had become sort of used to him. The bed weighted down beside me and my hair was being stroked. This didn’t frighten me and it felt good. I was still angry with my ex and I was happy to pour out my heart to anyone at that point. So I lay there crying and talking about my woes while this spirit stroked my hair. Since he was being so kind to me and I didn’t feel any negative energy in him, I explained to him he couldn’t scare me any more with leaving cupboards open, knocking things down, doors opening by themselves and walking around at night. For the first time in a long time, I was able to sleep good through the night and every night thereafter.

The ghost honored my wishes and did none of these things again. But his presence felt more brilliant and my senses prickled sometimes before he even entered the room. At times, I could see iridescent colors in the dark when he was near. I stopped sleeping with my husband and slept in the other room just so I could talk to my new “friend.” Who knew a ghosty could be someone worth confiding in. I never found out any details about him, but I got a psychic reading and to my surprise the psychic picked up on him. She stated there was a painting in my bedroom and a spirit in the house was fascinated by it. He would spend hours sitting and staring at it. I told her my ex painted the picture. She told me to never leave him without the painting and to keep it with me always. I asked her if he would be leaving any time soon and she intimated to me he was staying there because of me.

My relationship with my ex had been poor for a few years and I believe my ghost friend helped me sort out my feelings and give me the strength to get out of my relationship. My ex isn’t a bad guy and we have since made up and are friends now. Three months later, I wound up leaving him and I took the painting with me where it still hangs over my fireplace.

I didn’t “feel” my spirit friend again after I moved back to Los Angeles, but I am thankful to him for listening to me and for comforting me when I needed it the most. I hope he was able to find some peace.


Carol L. said...

Hi Belinda,
I enjoyed reading this post. It can be very frightening when things like that happen. But I'm glad your spirit could comfort you. Sad when you think some of these, if not most are stuck ere for some reason or other. I try not to think of ghosts, spirits and what not.. I figure if I ignore it, it won't happen. lol But thanks for sharing.
Carol L.

Chaeya said...

Hi Carol,

Thank you for enjoying my story. I never thought much about ghosts either and for a long time I wouldn't attend funerals because I was afraid of that person's ghost following me home or something. Sometimes, you just don't have control of these things.


Dyanne said...


I really enjoyed reading your story. I'm going to tell you my pared down account of my own spirit. I basically told him he could remain but could no longer scare me and oh yeah, by the way he'd have to help out with the bills. Guess what? Immediately I felt him leave. I'm serious. He hasn't been back and it's been years.


IR LOVER said...

I am still afraid of ghosts. LOL! But they do make for interesting stories. I really enjoyed reading it.

Stephanie Williams

Chaeya said...

Hi Dyanne,

Thanks for stopping by. That's the interesting thing about ghosts, some of them are like people and they will respect you if you talk to them. Now, there are some spirits out there who are pretty bad. When I was doing real estate, I went into a vacant home to view it and the energy was stifling. And whatever or whoever it was did not want me in there. It felt like "GET OUT". I told the spirit I was only looking at the house and it didn't care, it wanted me out. So, not to create my own Poltergeist movie, I got the frick out. C'ya.


Chaeya said...

Thanks Stephanie,

I'm not going to lie. I'm afraid of some of them too. Not all disembodied spirits are "people" who have passed on. I believe people have been attacked because some spirits know how to direct psychic kinetic energy, similar to what we saw in the movie "Ghost" where Patrick Swayze is practicing to use his mind. This is possible. I respect spirits for what they are. I really don't want them hanging around in my house for privacy reasons, but if they must be there, we can get a nice relationship going.

Belinda McBride said...

I was visited by my grandmother shortly after she passed, and it was a comforting experience, sort of a final goodbye.

We also have a "haunted" room on our house where the previous homeowner stayed during an extended illness, until he finally passed. That is more like listening to a recording, we can hear soft voices and a radio playing.

Chaeya said...

Thanks for sharing that, Belinda. My mother came to me in a lot of dreams after she passed, but I didn't get any "physical" visitations. We used to joke about "not" showing after we died. I have another funny story where when my daughter was 1 year old and we visited my parents. My daughter was laughing and smiling over at my grandmother's picture. My mom said "look at her, look what she's doing" and for a moment we both went "wow" and then my mom snaps "Get out of here, Lo!" We both laughed. My grandmother's name was Lorraine, but mom called her Lo. Then she said, I don't like dead folks hanging around me.


Savanna Kougar said...

Chaeya, thanks for sharing that remarkable story. It's always good to have friend, ghost, or not.
I've had a few experience, but not near in that detail or depth. Except for some mediumistic type of experiences, where people who have passed have talked a bit to me.