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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Favorite Holiday by Lisabet Sarai

Ever since I was a kid, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. Not because of the candy – I’ve never been that enthusiastic about sweets. - but because of the magic. On Halloween I could become someone else, someone glamorous and powerful, and claim some of the magic that was floating around on that wonderful night. A witch, a goddess, a ghost, a fairy princess – my costumes always involved some kind of supernatural or extra-human capabilities, though sometimes I wasn’t always as gorgeous as I might have liked!

I still believe in magic. So I love reading paranormal stories that recapture that sense of wonder, the escape from the constraints of the everyday world. I adored The Lord of the Rings. I was an avid reader of Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles and even more, her Mayfair witches saga. I completely understand the appeal of the tortured vampire soul (especially if wrapped in a sexy hunk’s body), the lure of the wild embodied by a shape shifter. Strength. Power. Infinite and seductive possibility.

Given my affinity for magic in all its forms, it’s rather surprising that I didn’t begin to write paranormal stories myself until fairly recently. I have been publishing erotica and erotic romance for more than a decade, but my first full-length paranormal romance is going to be released in a few days (May 4th, to be specific!). Serpent’s Kiss has a shape shifter premise, but it’s quite different from the typical work in this genre. The novel is set in Guatemala and is based on ancient Mayan mythology.

From the first, Dr. Elena Navarro senses that the wounded man she discovers outside the gates of her rural clinic is not an ordinary mortal. With his chest ripped open, Jorge Pélikal still demonstrates unnatural strength and power.Elena is irresistibly attracted to Jorge, although he warns her their coupling could open the gates of chaos. She and Jorge fall in love, despite his dire predictions.Gradually Elena comes to understand that Jorge is a supernatural player in a cosmic drama that will determine the fate of the earth and of mankind - and that even if he triumphs in his apocalyptic struggle with his nemesis, she may lose him forever.

You can read an excerpt at and buy your very own copy at:

In addition to Serpent’s Kiss, I have several other shorter paranormal works currently available. Rendezvous ( is my Halloween tale, about a woman who is forced by her disabled car to spend Halloween night is a seedy hotel room inhabited by a virile ghost. Tomorrow’s Gifts ( is a M/M BDSM Christmas story very loosely based on Charles Dickens’ ghost of Christmas future. My vampire romance “Vampires Limited” appeared in Black Lace’s Lust at First Bite, and I have another vampire tale called “Fourth World” in D.L. King’s anthology The Sweetest Kiss, due out in July. If you like vampires, you might also check out “Prey”, a free erotic vampire tale available at

Now that I’ve started to write paranormal, I think that I might be hooked. I’ve just started work on a new M/M paranormal novel called Necessary Madness. Nineteen year old Kyle sees visions of disasters, visions that tear his world apart. Everyone assumes that he is schizophrenic, but Rob, the cop who picks him up off the street, knows better. Rob’s own experience has taught him that psychic powers are real, and potentially devastating. Since his telepathic sister’s murder, Rob wants nothing to do with “gifted” individuals like Kyle. Yet he can’t deny his attraction to the beautiful, tortured young man – an attraction that appears to be mutual.

I’m only a few chapters into the book so far, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be intense.

Since we’re celebrating Halloween, I’ll offer you a little treat. Leave me a comment describing your favorite Halloween costume ever. I’ll randomly choose one person to receive a free copy of Rendezvous. Check back on Belinda’s blog on Wednesday May 6th to find out who is the lucky winner. (Be sure that you don’t comment anonymously, or we won’t be able to find you!)


lindseye said...

I think one year I was a fairy princess in pink. Actually do not remember too many of my costumes. It was always cold and rainy for Halloween so the usual addition to any outfit was a coat and hat.

orelukjp0 said...

I love the costume. I went as a dead being one year. It was great. I used a white dress I had from a dance. It had lots of ties on it and was long. A whole bunch of white and black makeup and white talc in my hair. It looked almost as good as yours. Thanks for putting my name in your hat for the contest.

Belinda McBride said...

I'm sure I wore tons of costumes over the years, but one of my favorites was a Little Bo Peep costume that my grandmother made. It had this big full skirt and bloomers. A bonnet of some sort. I don't remember it that well, just that I danced around and loved it!

Word Actress said...

Lisabet - you're a lot like your writing - full of mystery and fun surprises! I tend to hide in the closet on Halloween. I do have a funny Halloween story however. Picture this - I'm dressed up like Jackie Kennedy on the day her husband was shot complete with fake blood and fake brain parts scattered all over my pink wool skirt. I've even got the pink pillbox hat on. I'm lost in L.A. and I can't connect with the friends I'm supposed to meet because they've blocked my phone since I'm in a dangerous area. It made no sense to me so I told the operator she was going to be responsible for my death since I was completely lost in Watts, a very unsafe section of LA. The story does have a happy ending though. I stopped to get gas and had to get out of the car in my costume to pay. A very kind policeman , my Guardian Angel, took me under his wing and escorted me all the way back to Malibu where I was staying. Ever since that night. I've gone back to my closet approach to Halloween. Can you blame me?!

Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, 'The Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget' and the novel, 'Night Surfing'.

Amy S. said...

Love the costume! I always like to dress up as a clown or a vampire. I love reading paranormals. I love the different world's that authors create.

Caffey said...

I mostly remember my hubby dressing up for Halloween and what a riot he was. That one year not long after we were married, he went as a pumpkin (I can still picture him) and he had me dress up in all this hockey gear. I so could not walk or see! I felt like I was walking with my legs in a split! But I did win from those groups for the best couple!


I haven't put on a Halloween costume since my kids were small and they are 40 and 46. I just pass out the treats.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Lindseye, I really identify. I grew up in New England, so it was usually too cold to have any bare skin, despite my wishes. I used to wear tights and sweaters underneath my fairy princess clothing.

As I got older, though, and started having Halloween parties, things improved!

Actually, in the costume on the blog, I was supposed to be one of the witches from MacBeth.

Mary, your story is definitely scary! Halloween indeed. Today you probably couldn't wear that costume - it would be very politically incorrect!

Caffey - I'll never forget when my mom dressed up as pumpkin for trick or treat. She was pregnant with my younger sister!

One of the best costumes I've ever seen (actually I helped create it) was the year my husband went as "still life". He dressed up as a liquor still, in a tube of transparent plastic, with copper tubing coming out the top... Kind of difficult to describe; you had to see it!

Thanks to all for your comments.


She said...

Necessary Madness sounds good. I'll look forward to its release. I don't have a favorite costume. When I was a kid I was in a play and played one of the Indians helping the pilgrims. The next year I went trick or treating as the same character. Mostly we wore bought costumes, which you don't seem to be able to get anymore.

Savanna Kougar said...

My first fave costume was the black cat pajamas my mom made for me.